Bafang Mini Color 500C Display

Sale price$120.00
The Bafang Mini Color 500C Display is a compact and full-color LCD screen that is compatible with BAKCOU front and rear drive motors. It displays important information such as time, power assist level, trip distance, speed, and battery gauge.

- Full Color LCD Screen with compact speedometer design.
- Shows Time, Power Assist Level, Trip Distance, Speed.
- More accurate battery gauge (choice of Percentage or Voltage display).
- Up to 5 Levels of Pedal Assist Power.
- Includes plus/minus/power control pad next to the LCD display.
- Easy to use control pad to turn on the Bafang motor, adjust the Power Assist Level, and change the settings.
- Plug and play into Bakcou front and rear drive motor eBikes.
- Green 5-Pin Female Connection.

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