There’s a new footwear brand in town – Dryshod® Waterproof Footwear!

Dryshod is a new line of hard-working, durable, super-comfortable 100% waterproof footwear.

Our story begins…

Dryshod was developed to bring great waterproof footwear to hardworking farmers, hunters, gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. With the ultimate goal of becoming the #1 brand in waterproof footwear, the team’s complete focus and commitment is to create world-class footwear that will keep feet warm, dry and protected in the harshest wet and cold conditions.

With a brand name that literally means “dry shoes”, it is only natural
that the mission of Dryshod international is to become the leader in
waterproof-footwear products worldwide. And the first step to achieving
that goal was to launch the brand with a team of the most experienced
and proven professionals the waterproof-footwear category has ever

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