Bakcou eBike Battery For Scout - 21AH

Sale price$1,499.00
Upgrade your Bakcou Scout battery life with the 21ah Panasonic Lithium-ion 48v battery, the largest battery available on the market. With a lifespan of 900 charges, this game-changing battery guarantees improved rides for years to come. Factors like rider weight, temperature, and terrain can affect battery range, but our battery is designed to tackle all conditions.

  • The biggest fat tire eBike battery available for the Bakcoue Scout, the extended distance Panasonic Lithium-ion 48v battery is a game changer! With a battery life of 900 charges, the extended-distance battery is guaranteed to improve your ride for years to come.
  • There are a number of variables that can affect the range of your electric bike battery including but not limited to rider weight, temperature, level of pedal assist, and terrain.
  • A 21Ah Bakcou eBike battery is equivalent to 1000 watt hours(Wh).
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