Bakcou Fat Tire Snow Straps

Sale price$150.00
Set of 20 Straps: Providing comprehensive coverage for all bike tires. With this complete set, you'll have the right amount of traction-enhancing studs to outfit your bike for winter adventures. Winter Traction: Fat Tire Snow Straps feature deep cleated studs designed to provide traction on snow and ice, ensuring that your bike doesn't lose speed or control in challenging winter conditions. Designed for Fat Tires: Tailored for fat tires ranging in size between 3.5-4 inches, these straps are crafted to fit & perform on a variety of fat-tire models, a versatile solution for winter riding. Customizable Traction: For icy terrains, we recommend using 18 straps per tire to maximize grip. In snow-packed conditions, a set of 14 straps per tire is recommended for optimal performance. Durability: Fat Tire Snow Straps are built to withstand the demands of winter riding, & take on any winter terrain with ease. Invest in quality & conquer the snow and ice with Bakcou's snow straps.

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