Bakcou Folding Deer Trailer and Folding Cargo Trailer Hitch

Type: 12mm
Sale price$45.00
Connect your eBike to the Bakcou Folding Deer Trailer or Folding Cargo Trailer with these high quality and durable hitch adaptors.

WhenTake your hunting or cargo transportation to the next level with the BAKCOU 12mm trailer hitch.
12mm Hitch is designed to be used with bikes and ebikes with a 12mm rear axle,such as the Bakcou Flatlander, Grizzly, and Timberwolf models, this hitch enables you to easily connect and tow your Folding Deer Trailer or Folding Cargo Trailer.
Jager hitch is designed specifically for the Bakcou Mule Jager and Storm Jager eBikes, the Rohloff Gear-Hub axle requires this adaptor in order for to attach these specific trailers.

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