Bakcou Heavy Duty eBike Chain

Size: 9 Speed
Sale price$110.00
Looking for a chain that can keep up with the power of your eBike? Look no further than our X9 heavy duty chain. Sourced from the most durable materials on the market, this chain is purpose-built to withstand high levels of torsion and last longer than the competition. Ride with confidence knowing that your eBike's chain can handle whatever you throw at it.

  • We sourced the most heavy-duty chain on the market to make sure it can keep up with the demand for our ultra-powerful eBikes. This X9 chain is purpose-built to be high torsion-resistant and ultra-durable.
  • Flatlanders, Kodiaks, Mules, and Storms: 9 speed with 124 links
  • Mule Jager: 9 speed with 108 links (16 links will have to be removed our 9 speed chain)
  • Scout: 11 speed with 124 links 
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