Bakcou Single Heavy Duty Fat Tire Tube

Size: 24x4
Sale price$65.00
Looking for a durable and reliable tire tube for your fat-tire bike? Look no further than Bakcou’s Heavy Duty Fat Tire Tubes. Made from military-grade butyl rubber with variable thicknesses, these tubes offer strength and durability where you need it most. With a heavy thickness of 3.5mm at the base of the tire tapering to a lightweight 1.8mm against the rim, these tubes offer incredible protection against punctures. Each tube includes an easy-to-inflate Schrader Valve that allows airflow in only one direction, making it easy to check your tire pressure. You can ride harder and longer without worrying about punctures with Bakcou’s Heavy Duty Fat Tire Tubes.

  • 3.5mm thickness at the base of the tire, tapers to 1.8mm at the rim
  • Military-grade
  • Avoid punctures
  • Extra-long Schrader Valve
  • The Most Durable eBike Tube on the Market
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