Tannus Armour

Size: 24x4
Sale price$215.00
Protect your fat tires from punctures on rough trails with Tannus Armour Fat Tire Inserts with Tube set. These inserts provide 15mm of top and 2mm of sidewall protection against debris, such as rocks and sticks, extending the life of your tires. The package comes with 2 Tannus Armour Liners & 2 tubes specific for Tannus Tire Liner Inserts.

When it comes to fat tire biking, nothing can be more frustrating than a flat tire due to a puncture caused by rough trails and terrains. Tannus Armour Fat Tire Inserts with Tube set is a reliable solution for such a headache, providing an added layer of protection against rocks, sticks, and other pesky nuisances that can cause punctures.
- Compatible with either 26" x 4.0”-4.8” or 24" x 4.0"-4.8" tires, these inserts come with tubes that will replace your current 4.0” tire tubes.
- Remember to use included tire tubes as Tannus Armour requires a smaller tube than what comes pre-installed on the eBike.

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