Bakcou Rechargeable Tail Light

Sale price$40.00
Bike Lights for Night Riding: The Bakcou Rechargeable Tail Light boasts 120 lumens of brightness. With ultra-bright LEDs, providing a high level of safety during night and low-light conditions. Weatherproof Reliability: Equipped with a weatherproof design, this tail light is built to withstand various weather conditions. Cyclists can rely on its functionality regardless of the weather. Secure and Flexible Mounting: The stretchy silicone band included with the ebike tail light offers a secure and flexible mounting solution. Easily wrap it around the seat post to ensure a snug fit. Streamlined Vertical Design: The clean vertical design minimizes overhang, providing a sleek & aerodynamic profile. Reduces the likelihood of the light interfering w/ other accessories during cycling Lighting Modes: With four attention-grabbing light modes, cyclists can customize their visibility based on the riding conditions. A steady light or a flashing mode, the tail light offers versatility.

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